See if your plant is ready for fall...

During the warm summer days we often open the door, but this also increases the chance of insects in your plant. These fly in unnoticed. Check your plant regularly for insects. Especially towards the winter period, it is important that your plant is free of pests. It is getting colder and darker and that is a difficult period for plants. Therefore, they need all their energy to survive for less light and heat. Time for a fall check!

The sooner you catch it, the easier it will be to get rid of the plague! So what now?

  • Check the leaves at the bottom as well as the top. Some critters hide just under the leaf.
  • Look carefully between the twigs and next to the trunk for, for example, small brown balls or between the twigs for woolly fluff.
  • Check the new growth whether it is deformed or contains aphids.
  • Feel if the leaf is normal or sticky. Insects can leave secretions.

Is there nothing strange to see and do the leaves still look green and healthy? Then your plant is ready for autumn!

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