Watering system

All Beautanic Lifestyle plants are hydro plants. They are grown in a special hydropot with a watering system. This makes watering super easy. The hydropot is waterproof and can be placed directly in the decorative pot. You also never have to repot the hydro plants again.

Water meter
The water meter immediately indicates when and how much water the plant needs. Pour the water over the volcanic granules and give the meter time to react to the watering. The plant has enough water when the blue bar is up to the MAX or the thumb icon.

Every hydro plant has water roots. These roots are used to being continuously in the water. It is therefore important to always provide hydro plants with water. The plant needs water again when the blue rod is near the watering can icon.

Water reservoir
The water reservoir provides a water buffer of 1.5 liters, so you don't have to water as often. Water roots are smart roots because they absorb the water themselves when needed. This makes them less susceptible to too much water.

For additional advice you can always contact our plant service , we are happy to help you!

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