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Beautanic Lifestyle has an exclusive range of hydro plants. The plants are sustainably grown and grow on volcanic pellets. Each plant is equipped with a water meter and water reservoir. This allows you to immediately see when the plant needs water. This makes care even easier. In short, the ideal plants for an office and home workplace.


Contact us if you are interested and we will put the fast service into effect! We come by and look at the areas where greening is needed. We provide tailor-made advice accordingly. The quote is non-binding and adjustments are possible.


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Create healthy green (home) workplaces
Green houseplants have many advantages for a healthy working climate. They increase productivity and creativity. The view of a green environment enhances concentration and increases attention during a tired task. An investment that quickly pays for itself.

Research shows that green plants lower stress and improve your mood. Plants in an environment even lower the chance of a cold by 30%. Most houseplants are highly air-purifying and ensure that dirty dust particles are converted into clean air.

Matching decorative pots
We not only provide the convenience of green house plants, but also matching decorative pots. All hydro plants are in a special hydro pot that is waterproof. Repotting is never necessary again, because hydro plants have water roots and the volcanic granules can be used for a long time. This way you can immediately place the plant in a matching decorative pot and enjoy the greenery in the office.

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