How do I transfer my plant to Hydroponics?

What do you need

Make sure you have the following before you start.

When repotting, it is useful that you look for a place that can get dirty.

It is also useful to take off rings and jewelry.

For plants on potting soil:

  1. Place the rubber cap in the hole on the side of the pot, if you use the pot for outdoor use, you can skip this step.
  2. Click the water meter in the grid and place it in the Beautanic Lifestyle pot.
  3. Remove the plant from the potting soil and rinse the potting soil under the tap, so that the roots are free of potting soil as much as possible.
  4. Fill the pot with water meter with a small layer of volcanic granules.
  5. Place the plant in the new pot with water meter and make sure that the plant stands straight up.
  6. Fill the pot with volcanic granules, making sure that the plant is well-established.
  7. Water the plant until the indicator is on the top line. NB! NB! Do this calmly. It takes a few seconds for the water to sink through the substrate and for the water meter to reach the correct level.
  8. You are ready to enjoy your healthy, green plant on hydroponics.

For a healthy plant, don't forget to give Beautanic Superfood to your plant every week.