The light needs of a plant

The location of a plant plays an important role. For example, one plant likes to be in a light spot and the other plant can tolerate little sunlight. The light requirement can differ per plant and can be divided into three categories: sunny, partial shade and shade. We explain it to you briefly.

Plants that fall under this category need a lot of sunlight to grow. A spot in the conservatory or a south-facing window would therefore be suitable. The light requirement is great and they need a maximum of 5 hours of sun per day. Many Ficus plants fall under this category.

partial shade
Many plants fall under this category. These plants
like light, but like to avoid full sun. A suitable location is a spot up to 2/3 meters from the window, next to the window instead of in front of or directly in front of the north-facing window. 3 to 4 hours of (sun)light per day is enough for these plants.

Do you have a place where there is not little sunlight? Then you can do it
it is best to choose a houseplant with a low light requirement. Although these plants can take a beating, they still need a maximum of 2 hours of light.

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