My plant is dropping its leaves

Your plant may lose its leaves or become discolored. There are several causes. We briefly list them.

Insufficient or too much sunlight

If your plant gets insufficient or no light, the consequences are quickly visible. Your plant stands still, as it were, and no longer makes new shoots or leaves. The leaves become faded and yellowish in color. This happens regularly, especially in winter, when there is little daylight. Place your plant a little closer to the window so that the leaf catches more sun rays.

Too much sun also has visible consequences for your plant. If plants are in direct sunlight, leaf burn can occur. The leaves of your plant discolor strongly and eventually die. Place your plant a little further from the window, so that it still catches light, but the leaf no longer catches direct sunlight.

Too little or too much water

When your plant has too little water, the leaves discolor and growth stops. Beautanic Lifestyle plants are trained to constantly have their roots in water. There is no harm in going without water once in a while. However, try to keep the water level at the correct level as much as possible.

Leaf loss or discoloration due to disease

Various diseases or pests can directly affect the leaf or ensure that your plant cannot absorb enough nutrients and can also directly affect the leaf. View the common plant diseases here.

Lack of nutrients

If your plant's leaves are discoloring or falling out and you've checked your plant for disease, there's a good chance your plant is nutrient deficient. Beautanic Lifestyle Superfood for houseplants has all the essential (trace) elements that your plant needs. Your plant has in proportion as much nutrition as the amount of water you give. The amount of water varies per plant and largely depends on the heat and humidity. At the same time as watering, add 1 sachet/scoop of plant food to the water in the watering can.

Ficus Adora or Ficus Safrana

Ficus species need to get used to a new place. The Ficus comes from a light greenhouse and the transition to a darker place can cause leaf fall. Especially in winter during darker days, they can suffer from this. This is not harmful to the plant. As long as it is in the light spot, the plant will produce new leaves in the spring.