This is how you help your plant(s) through the summer

Summer is a great time for plants to grow well. Despite the fine growing period, plants need extra care during the summer. With these tips you help your plant(s) through the summer as best as possible!

  1. Check the water meter regularly and give enough water.
    Plants absorb three times more water than in winter. Water only in the morning or evening, so that the plant evaporates less water.

  2. Temporarily move your houseplant a little further from the window.
    The sun is getting brighter and too much sunlight can burn the leaves.

  3. Give plant food.
    Your plant is hard at work producing new leaves. With the right plant food you ensure a strong and healthier plant.

  4. Put your houseplants together.
    This increases the humidity and your plants therefore evaporate less water. But a plant in the house? Spray it regularly with water or put a container with water under your plant.

  5. Gone for more than a week? Arrange a plant sitter.
    Ask your neighbor or wife, family or friends if they can take care of the plants. Fortunately, all plants contain a water reservoir and you need to water less often. Extra nice for your plant and babysitter!