Hydro plants

Where do my plants come from?
Beautanic Lifestyle is a concept of MDK Flowers & Greens. All plants have a special origin and are grown in the south of Ghana. Here we work with a motivated team of 150 enthusiastic employees. Read more about our nursery in Ghana here. After a few years the plants are ready for the next step and they are grown
in our nursery in the Netherlands. Read more about the MDK Flowers & Greens nursery here .

What are hydro plants?
All Beautanic Lifestyle plants are hydro plants and are grown on water. Hydro plants do not have ordinary roots, but water roots. The plants are therefore less sensitive to too much or too little water. With the built-in water meter you can immediately see when the plant needs water. This makes caring for the plant even easier.

What are the benefits of hydro plants?
Hydro plants last longer than potting soil plants. Water roots are smart roots. When the weather is warmer, the roots allow more water to go to the leaves. As a result, the plant continues to grow for longer. The specially designed hydropot with water meter is made from recycled material and the substrate is 100% a natural product. All Beautanic Lifestyle plants are also super sustainable! Watch the video about the benefits of Beautanic Lifestyle here

What is the difference between hydro plants and potting soil plants?
Hydro plants are grown on water and have water roots. These roots get nutrition from the water. Potting soil plants have ground roots and get their nutrition from the soil. Plants with ground roots should be repotted after a few years. Because Beautanic Lifestyle plants have water roots and get their nutrition from water, you do not have to repot the hydro plant. Therefore give your plant Beautanic Superfood with every watering. This keeps your plant strong and healthy, so you can enjoy the greenery in your home carefree.

When should my plant be repotted?
The unique thing about plants on hydroponics is that they can remain in their pot. Read here

Can I transfer a hydro plant to potting soil?
We do not recommend this. Read more here.

How do I transfer a plant to hydroponics?
Hydro plants have many advantages. Do you have a plant in potting soil? Repot the plant to hydroponics. Read here how to transfer your plant to a hydro plant . Check in advance whether your plant is suitable for repotting to hydroponics.

How sustainable are hydro plants?
Sustainability is a top priority for us. For example, we grow the plants on natural substrate and the hydropot is made from recycled material. Read all about our green mission here.

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