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Strelitzia Nicolaic

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pot size

Has a height of 160cm including hydropot

Sunny; suitable for the conservatory or close to the south-facing window

Highly air-purifying

Slightly toxic to children and pets

The Strelitzia Nicolai comes from the west of Africa and flowers from Cameroon to Sierra Leone in the lower rainforest.

The Strelitzia Nicolai is better known as the Bird of Paradise plant. Where some plants grow in width, this plant grows in height. Each leaf grows above the other leaf. With the large green leaves, it is a real eye-catcher.

Air purifying
The Strelitzia Nicolai is highly air-purifying and is therefore able to remove dirty particles from the air and convert them into clean air. The air-purifying effect of the Nicolai is so great, because the leaves have a considerable surface area.

Place the Strelitzia Nicolai in a sunny spot, preferably near a south-facing window. Watering The Nicolai needs regular water and is very easy to maintain thanks to the Beautanic Hydropot with water reservoir and water meter.

All Beautanic Lifestyle plants are equipped with the special Beautanic Hydropot. These plants stand on volcanic grains, so that sufficient oxygen reaches the roots. This ensures a nice balance, so that they remain strong and healthy for years to come. Hydroponic plants get nutrition from the water, compared to soil culture, where plants get nutrition from the soil. It is therefore necessary to regularly provide the Beautanic Lifestyle Nicolai with Beautanic Superfood .

The Strelitzia Nicolai comes in a Beautanic Hydropot. Due to this special hydroponic system, the roots have sufficient oxygen, so that the plant can grow optimally. Repotting is therefore not necessary.